Dongles, Dangles and Beeps

Dongles, Dangles and Beeps* Tantalus stretches his arm from antiquity Dangles a dongle of USB secrets Mangles a moment of tête-à-tête Instead we have SMS, latter-day S & M. Young couples avert eyes from each other, gaze lovingly At iOS vistas whose screens they now diddle Coo and giggle over vapid missives transmitted cross-table Is this romance conceived by a […]

Bowery Night

Sirens blare, Horns honk, Drunkards shout, Lights glare. From a club entranceway issues a strong female voice Shouting to guests: “Moth balls only, moth balls only!” Heat sears, Haze obscures, Darkness descends, Sleep eludes. Dollar bills in skirts and suits march down The proverbial avenue of poverty, The age-old din of Bowery reduced to moth balls, Mildewed flesh, stupefied hunger. […]