Beware the Ides of Marching

Gaping gargoyles of Gullivers traveled,Hell bound homophobes from horrid hamlets,Formidable fops flit feverishly forward,Ivory imbeciles’ inimitable impishness,Elegiac embers of eliminated elders,Dogged dullards divide and diminish. —Robert Hieger     May 9, 2019

Artifacta con Bravado

The world of tomorrow is here!Artificial intelligence,Artifice, Artemis, Arcturus, Bravura, All bedfellows of bluster and hubrisCommand us to usher in the fledgling,Artifact come of age. The shining pearl of wisdomCome from the logic gate of the divine,Trifecta of the soul, mind and anti-soul,Will the real intelligentsia please lie down?Unearth the sacred clown?Elicit more than cynical frown? Intelligence lies,intelligent lies,Intelligence vies […]

Lady in the Harbor

The Statue of Liberty is mooning the world,Her flowing robes billowing in the wind,Her torch extinguished by the salty sea air,Her crown plunging into the harborWith an ear-splitting splash. For more than a centuryShe bore witness to the dregs of humanityWho crossed her shoresIn hopes of a dream deferredA dream of opportunity demurred. Her lamp lit the harbor and illuminated […]