Here is a selection of some recent writings of interest.

The Rite of Bared Arms

The time will come, oh yes!The time will come whenThe weary and care-worn shall pauseAnd stagnant rivers will be absent their cause. The time will come when profits of doom,Their privilege bought with innocent lives,Will be swept away as infectious scree,In their wake, the absence of gloom. Time will come when profit loses its gleam,Currency will cease to be current,When […]

The Year That Never Was

It was the year that never was…2020 strung out in a long series of days,Weeks and months embeddedIn a fabric of limbo. The better part of 9 months waiting to exhale…And for those less fortunate, waiting to inhale.9 months of entreaties to embrace the new normal,9 months of coping daily with the supranormal. The new normal? Normality? Formality? Banality?Brutality of […]

What Darkness Now Descends

What darkness now descends on a world Consumed with fear and noxious loathing? What darkness now consumes the imagination, Selfishly hoards, kills with noiseless derision? Invisible foes march in lockstep with fools Who miss the message and suffuse with noise, While faceless masses lead the way out of the abyss, Accompanied by leaders who express but a simpering hiss. What […]

March of the Greenbacks

Dollar bills march along oblivion’s precipice.Lemmings follow skulking greenbacks toThe abyss, where letters and number—G5, G8, IMF—Bingo!…and a spate of hateFall hellbent to mordent lakes that envelop us. The bleak and darkened sky cries out,Expels the filth of inhuman follySet against “alternative facts” jolly.Oil spills, like blood from arid crevices,Grease overstuffed pockets of ignoramuses Viruses consume their brains,Turn inside out […]

Beware the Ides of Marching

Gaping gargoyles of Gullivers traveled,Hell bound homophobes from horrid hamlets,Formidable fops flit feverishly forward,Ivory imbeciles’ inimitable impishness,Elegiac embers of eliminated elders,Dogged dullards divide and diminish. —Robert Hieger     May 9, 2019

Artifacta con Bravado

The world of tomorrow is here!Artificial intelligence,Artifice, Artemis, Arcturus, Bravura, All bedfellows of bluster and hubrisCommand us to usher in the fledgling,Artifact come of age. The shining pearl of wisdomCome from the logic gate of the divine,Trifecta of the soul, mind and anti-soul,Will the real intelligentsia please lie down?Unearth the sacred clown?Elicit more than cynical frown? Intelligence lies,intelligent lies,Intelligence vies […]

Lady in the Harbor

The Statue of Liberty is mooning the world,Her flowing robes billowing in the wind,Her torch extinguished by the salty sea air,Her crown plunging into the harborWith an ear-splitting splash. For more than a centuryShe bore witness to the dregs of humanityWho crossed her shoresIn hopes of a dream deferredA dream of opportunity demurred. Her lamp lit the harbor and illuminated […]

The Wounded Beast of Autonomy

The Wounded Beast of Autonomy* Hurled against the rocks of identity The wounded beast of autonomy Cries out As it loses its grip The reassuring shoreline Battered and eroding Never looked more forlorn, A beacon of receding vistas Blinding and lucid flashes Assailed by surface gashes Infused with the Heat of uncertainty A frightened little girl Peaks from behind the […]

Dongles, Dangles and Beeps

Dongles, Dangles and Beeps* Tantalus stretches his arm from antiquity Dangles a dongle of USB secrets Mangles a moment of tête-à-tête Instead we have SMS, latter-day S & M. Young couples avert eyes from each other, gaze lovingly At iOS vistas whose screens they now diddle Coo and giggle over vapid missives transmitted cross-table Is this romance conceived by a […]