Bowery Night

Sirens blare, Horns honk, Drunkards shout, Lights glare. From a club entranceway issues a strong female voice Shouting to guests: “Moth balls only, moth balls only!” Heat sears, Haze obscures, Darkness descends, Sleep eludes. Dollar bills in skirts and suits march down The proverbial avenue of poverty, The age-old din of Bowery reduced to moth balls, Mildewed flesh, stupefied hunger. […]

Eye Nay Nay

Nay nay nay can it be? Wie? Wo? Wann? Warum? The eye's broom sweeps the continuum of time Like a giant Jacquard loom, Shreds linen of false idols sans reason or rhyme. Eric Blair saw the gory of the drumming of the gourd, Prevaricators' corporate march of gullible dogs Bound for dogma handed down from the Sovereign. The beat of […]

Mutual Aid

Malevolent cynics scorch the pages of history with caustic bile. Ulterior motives translucent as the narcissist deprived of center stage. Trapped in the half-truths of dreams deferred and advantage hoarded, Undulating currents of common tributaries symbiotically stream. All the lives and lies wasted in the toil of contests futile and jaded List in the inevitable eddies of reciprocal desires nurtured […]